Diving in maratua

For the Lovers of Big and Small

Numerous dive points line the atoll, each offering different experiences in terms of underwater geography and marine life.

Some sites boast heavy turtle traffic, while others are great havens for macro critters. Expect to meet sedate green and hawksbill turtles, white tip sharks rushing by, a sleepy nurse shark or two, the occasional eagle ray or feather tail ray, shy blue spotted rays, friendly moray eels, gems of oversized or absolutely tiny nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, scorpionfish, cuttlefish - the list goes on and on.

Of note is of course Big Fish Country, or Channel, where the huge school of barracuda resides. During strong currents, grey reef sharks can be seen cruising against the current, so divers just hook onto the flat plateau at the opening of the channel and watch the show. Chance sightings of whale shark and even mola-mola have been reported.

Thresher sharks and leopard sharks have also been seen at various points, so keep your eyes peeled as you never know what might turn up to surprise you!

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Diving in kakaban

Epic and Surreal

Kakaban island is a 15-20 minute boat ride from Maratua Seaview Resort. It is famed for its stingless jellyfish that reside in the saltwater lake right in the middle of the island, where snorkelers can swim gently among these dreamy creatures.

The realm of Kakaban's reef, however, holds many surprises. Lucky and early divers are sometimes rewarded with hammerhead sharks. Whale sharks make an occasional appearance too. Devil rays, manta rays and eagle rays also tend to appear right out of the blue to investigate divers, while the pygmy seahorse population is absolutely thriving here. Just pick an orange sea fan and see if you can spot any!


Diving in Sangalaki

Meeting the Dark Angles of the Sea

Sangalaki island is THE place to visit for a chance to witness the grace of manta rays. They rise to the surface to feed or cruise among the shallow reef to visit cleaning stations.

Snorkelers and divers alike can enjoy a swim with mantas at Sangalaki, as our captain will look for them from the boat and drop you right where the action is.