Celebes Dive Centre


The Celebes Dive Centre is named to pay homage to the wonderful Celebes Sea and all its amazing inhabitants above and underwater.

It is fully equipped to accommodate 30 divers, with a crew of 12 including guides, boat crew and compressorman.


The dive centre is located at the the jetty and consists of a tank room, equipment room, rinsing area, toilets, changing rooms and outdoor showers.

Scuba equipment available for rent include mask, snorkel, regulator, BCD, fins, booties, wetsuits, delayed surface marker buoys, reef hook and dive torch. Snorkelers are provided with life jackets free of charge. 


Tanks used are 12 litre aluminium tanks with DIN/yoke valves. All dive boats are fitted with GPS, first aid kit, emergency oxygen and lifevests.